“Guaranteed income” insurance

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As a hundred or so of you are already aware, FFPE-EUROCONTROL, in cooperation with TUEM, signed a “guaranteed income” insurance contract with ETHIAS, entitling members who signed up to it to a daily income of EUR 25 for a 6-month period (i.e. EUR 750 per month).

At the outset, this insurance aimed to ensure a replacement income for colleagues working shifts for whom long-term sick leave would mean a dramatic reduction to their monthly income.  However, all members may subscribe in order to top up their income in the event of serious illness and to cover any significant medical expenses resulting from this.

The income is paid after a 30-day waiting period and covers all cases of sickness except for pre-existing illnesses, during the first year after signature of the contract.  The annual premium is EUR 105 for 180 days cover.

The insurance entered into force on 1 January 2000 but it’s not too late to sign up!

How to proceed?

To do so, send the attached slip to Nathalie DELILLE, or Julio IBANEZ and transfer (by 15.02.15 at the latest) the premium amount to bank account BE23035332045791 (BIC GEBABEBB) mentioning your payroll number .

It’s as simple as that! If you’re not yet a member, now’s the time to join!

Ethias guaranteed income insurance form

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